Photo Rachel Standish
Felipe Albornoz | Postdoctoral Fellow

Role of soil fungi in ecological restoration

Photo Suzanne Prober
Tina Parkhurst | Postdoctoral Fellow

Restoring natural capital

Photo Joe Fontaine
Ebony Cowan | PhD Candidate

Resilience of restoration projects to fire

Photo Giles Hardy
Tom Mansfield | PhD Candidate

Impact of dieback pathogen on quenda

Photo Rachel Standish
Leonie Monks | PhD Candidate

Improving translocation success for rare plants

Photo Rachel Standish
Will Fowler | PhD Candidate

Extinction debt with urbanisation

Photo Luisa Ducki
Rebecca Dillion | PhD Candidate

Mating systems can inform rare plant conservation

Photo Ebony Cowan
Ali Babbington | PhD Candidate

Urban greening for socio-ecological benefits

Photo provided
Sara Cavalcanti Marques | PhD Candidate

Indigenous-led biodiverse carbon projects

Past students: where are they now?

Doctor of Philosophy

Tina Parkhurst (2022) Is tree planting enough? Investigation of soil condition and composition of vegetation and invertebrate assemblages after ecological restoration in agricultural landscapes. Murdoch University. Tina has a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Harry Butler Institute, Murdoch University.

Emily Eakin-Busher (2021) Flowers and bees in the city: The impact of urbanisation on native plants and their insect pollinators. Murdoch University. Emily is a Botanist for Biologic Environmental Survey, East Perth, Western Australia.

Lauren Svejcar (2020) How do species interactions drive community re-assembly of banksia woodlands? Murdoch University. Lauren has a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, in Burns Oregon.

Nancy Shackelford (2018) Understanding ecological response to disturbance: Mechanisms and management strategies in a changing world. University of Victoria, Canada. Nancy is an academic at the University of Victoria Canada, having completed a postdoc with Prof Katie Suding at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Pawel Waryszak (2017) Role of environmental filters in banksia woodland restoration. Murdoch University. Pawel has a Postdoctoral Fellowship with The Blue Carbon Lab, Deakin University, Victoria.

Suzanne Orchard (2017) Characterising the morphology, phylogeny, ecology and distribution of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, fine root endophytes. The University of Western Australia. Suzanne lives in Nelson, New Zealand where she does research at Plant and Food Research Institute.

Mark Murphy (2016) Interactive effects of land-use change and rainfall decline on insect species networks. The University of Western Australia. Mark is a Data Analyst for Optima Health, Sheffield UK.

Mandy Trueman (2015) Towards effective management of degraded ecosystems in the highlands of Galapagos. The University of Western Australia. Mandy works as an ecologist in Darwin, Australia.

Martha Aceves-Orozco (2015) Influence of plant species and soil conditions on plant-soil feedback in the jarrah forest. The University of Western Australia. Martha works as a Scientist in Costa Rica.

Christine Allen (2015) Factors that affect seedling establishment and their implications for the translocation of species at risk of extinction. The University of Western Australia. Christine works in regional flora conservation for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions in Western Australia.

Hilary Harrop-Archibald (2015) The influence of litter quality, fungi and invertebrate decomposers on litter decomposition in a Mediterranean-climate ecosystem. The University of Western Australia. Hilary is the Invasive Species Partnership Coordinator at Invasive Species Council of British Columbia, Victoria Canada.

Bridget Johnson (2015) Plant-pollinator networks in a restoration planting, and the effects of non-native plants and nitrogen fertilisation. The University of Western Australia. Bridget completed a postdoc in Brazil and has recently moved home to New Zealand.

Masters of Science by Research

Lauren Hallett (2010) Ecological filters to seedling establishment for restoration in a Mediterranean climate. The University of Western Australia. Lauren was a Fulbright scholar; she has since completed a PhD at the University of California Berkeley, and a postdoc at the University of Colorado Boulder. She is currently an academic at the University of Oregon in Eugene.

Lisa Denmead (2011) The impact of land-use intensification on the conservation management of native forest remnants embedded within production landscapes. The University of Western Australia. Lisa completed a PhD with Teja Tscharntke at the University of Göttingen in Germany and currently works as a Lecturer at Waiariki Bay of Plenty Polytechnic in New Zealand.

Emma Stock (2019) Experimenting with modified extruded pellets for large-scale mine rehabilitation. Murdoch University. Emma is a Botanical Consultant in the Pilbara, Western Australia.

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